At ASAP Plumping of Greater Cleveland and Lorain we're proud of our sewer camera. That may sound odd but many small, local "plumbers" are operating without sewer inspection cameras. Troubleshooting the cause of a clog or leak without the proper sewer inspection camera is an absolute nightmare for the customer - resulting in extra time and extra costs. If you have clogged pipes, sewer backing up or leaks in the walls and/or floors, make sure to ask your plumber if they have a sewer camera to inspect the problem before they start tearing into the walls, the floor or the yard to find the culprit.

Professional Plumbers Have Professional Tools

The professional plumbers at ASAP Plumbing have all the right tools for the job. You might be thinking that expensive tools will mean less affordable plumbing repairs when in fact it's the opposite. The reason why we equip our plumbers with the best tools for look detection and sewer drain inspections is so that we save time diagnosing the issue which saves our customers money. You spend less money for diagnosis and less money for repairs because our plumbers know right where the problem is without having to do extra work.

Sewer Cameras: What They Do and Don't Do

Sewer cameras are a critical tool for a professional plumber however, don't be fooled by a plumber with a sewer camera. In general, sewer cameras do not detect leaks. They can help investigate the cause of the leak and see how bad a cracked pipe might be once the proper leak detection tools have been used. However, a sewer camera is designed to detect large breaks, clogged drains, find items lost down a drain (think rings) and to identify roots in your sewer lines. We use other leak detection equipment for more effective diagnosis of pipe leaks.
Don't be fooled by a plumber who puts a sewer camera in some old pipes and convinces you they need to be replaced. Call ASAP Plumbing for a second opinion.

We Repair and Replace Cracked, Broken and Clogged Sewer Lines 

Not all local plumbers have the tools, equipment and experience repairing and replacing sewer drains. Our plumbers are equipped with the tools and the expertise to diagnose the sewer drain issue and prescribe the most affordable and effective solution. If drains in your home are backing up, making strange noises or you have noticed sewage smells and puddles in the yard, you may have a main sewer clog. ASAP Plumbing of Greater Cleveland and Lorain will use a sewer camera inspection to confirm, diagnose the issue and discuss effective solutions to resolve the sewer clog to avoid further damage to your sewer pipes and home.

Sewer Line Cameras Investigate Clogged or Broken Sewer Pipes

The purpose of our sewer cameras is to see exactly where a clog or break is and determine what is causing the blockage or sewer pipe back-up without having to dig into walls, floors or the yard to guess. Considering the expense of repairing and replacing sewer lines, being able to identify the area of concern with such precision allows the homeowner to pay less by avoiding any guess work.

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