Do you detect foul sewage-like, odors coming from your drains? Are multiple drains in your home backed-up? Do you hear strange bubbling or gurgling below sinks, showers, tubs or toilets? Do you have one plumbing fixture (sink, toilet, tub) backing-up when you use another one i.e. the shower back-up when you flush a toilet? These are all common signs of issues with your sewer lines and ASAP Plumbing of Avon Lake can help.

When to Repair or Replace a Sewer Line

The certified and licensed plumbers at ASAP Plumbing always prescribe the most affordable option for sewer line repairs and replacement. Many times a repair can be quick and inexpensive - like when there is a clog caused by a toy flushed down a toilet or a water cap that fell down a drain. Our plumbers will use a sewer camera to locate the blockage and get you back to flushing and draining in no time.  Other times a backed-up sewer line is the cause of a sagging or collapsed sewer pipe. Common causes for broken and sagging sewer lines is tree roots, shifting ground, corroded pipes or heavy equipment operating over the sewer line. Determining whether your sewer and drainage issue is the result of one clogged drain, several clogged drains, a back-up in the main sewer line or a broken / collapsed sewer line will be first priority for the plumbers of ASAP Plumbing. After diagnosing the issue with our sewer camera and relevant plumbing equipment, we'll consult with you about your most affordable plumbing and sewer repair or replacement options.

We Repair and Replace Cracked, Broken and Clogged Sewer Lines 

From drain cleaning to main sewer line clog removal there are many drain and sewer line repairs that do not require replacement. However, when drain lines and sewer pipes do need to be replaced, working with ASAP Plumbing is the best way to make sure you're dealing with qualified plumbers whose mission is to fix your drainage and sewer issue right the first time and with precision in order to make your replacement efficient and affordable.

Working With a Local, Trusted Plumber is Critical to Affordable Repairs

Unfortunately we hear about many untrustworthy plumbers in our Cleveland and Lorain area. One of the most common recommendation made by untrustworthy plumbers is that your sewer lines are old and need to be replaced.  Although age is definitely a factor in the corrosion of old cast-iron and clay sewer lines, if you've had a hair clog in your drain or a removable back-up in the sewer line, it may not be necessary to replace the pipes right away. Although PVC has the longest life expectancy, don't be fooled by a plumber that can clear a clogged drain for $300 telling you to replace all your lines for $15,000. Get a second opinion from ASAP Plumbing.

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