sewer line camera

Sewer line cameras are an essential tool for diagnosing and solving sewer line issues. They allow the plumbers at ASAP Plumbing to have a visual representation of the inside of the pipe, something that was impossible before their invention. Our sewer line inspection cameras are remarkable devices that allow troubleshooting to happen quickly, but have you ever wondered if they have any limitations? In this article, we will explore what sewer line cameras don't do and reveal some of their limitations.

1. Sewer Line Cameras Can't Detect Odor

Sewer line inspection cameras are great for showing what is inside a pipe. They can determine clogs, pipe breaks and roots, but they won't detect any concerning odors that may arise. Plumbers still need to follow their nose to locate any foul-smelling pools of sewage. Odor may indicate a problem that a camera won't pick up, such as a leaking vent stack or a dry P-trap.

2. Cameras Don't Fix Problems

Inspections cameras are an incredible tool for detecting the cause of the problem within the pipe. However, they have their limits. While they can identify the issue, you can't rely on them to fix anything. An inspection camera may help diagnose the problem, such as a clog, but it can't provide a solution. The plumber will have to use other tools to dig, cut through concrete or replace damaged pipe.

3. Sewer Line Cameras Can't Detect Line Slope

Sewer line cameras can scope the interior of the pipe, but they don't show the outside. They won't determine the slope of the pipe either. The sewer line needs an appropriate slope to function well. If water flows too slowly, it will back up or create clogs within the line. If water flows too fast, it won't take solids with it, which will also cause issues. Inspected line footage won't show a slope issue. Plumbers need to determine this on their own.

4. Sewer Line Camera Can't Detect Leaks

 In general, sewer cameras do not detect leaks. They can help investigate the cause of the leak and see how bad a cracked pipe might be once the proper leak detection tools have been used. However, a sewer camera is designed to detect large breaks, clogged drains, find items lost down a drain (think rings) and to identify roots in your sewer lines. We use other leak detection equipment for more effective diagnosis of pipe leaks.

5. Sewer Cameras Do Not Find Leaks

This is so important that it's worth repeating.  Don't be fooled by a plumber who puts a sewer camera in some old pipes and convinces you they need to be replaced. Call ASAP Plumbing for a second opinion. A sewer line camera is critical as a secondary tool to confirm the other leak detection methods but a sewer camera by itself cannot be used to to determine if you have a leak or to find a leak.

Call ASAP for a Sewer Line Camera Scope

Sewer line cameras facilitate easy, safe and speedy analysis of a drain line issue, but they have their limitations. Plumbers must still rely on other tools and experience to do their job, as opposed to camera inspection alone. Sewer line issues can require a variety of solutions, from cleaning, replacing the pipe or finding appropriate slope. Understanding the limitations of inspection cameras can prevent mishaps and help prepare a budget that won't break the bank.

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What Sewer Line Cameras Don’t Do – Understanding their Limitations
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